This woman had the BEST response to a married man who sexted her

Most of us women have received our fair share of creepy texts and Facebook messages from men. Sometimes we cringe and move on, and other times, on a bad day maybe, we get super real. One woman recently went the latter route, and the resulting exchange is pretty incredible.

Here’s what happened: A man and a woman, who did not know each other in real life, were having a political debate of some kind on Facebook. Soon after, the guy decided to private message her, but not to talk politics. He starts suggesting that he wants to hang out with her in real life. Even after he finds out that she’s married, this dude, who is also married, is not deterred. That’s when the magic begins.

From Imgur:


Gross. Here comes the good part:


Woooooooooooow. So heavy. So savage. We don’t know who this outspoken woman is, but hats off to you. She perfectly and beautifully put this man in his place, and made it clear she had ZERO time for his shenanigans. All too often we as women are afraid of sharing what we really feel or think for risk of offending others, and this woman just proved that we are MORE than capable of being direct, honest, and speaking our minds.

Seriously. This exchange makes us feel empowered AF. Creepy dudes beware!

We hope this guy gets his act together and stops creeping on women on Facebook (or anywhere, for that matter). Bravo, mystery girl! This is everything we needed today.

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