This amazing woman ate dessert in a bikini like she DGAF to remind us to ALWAYS love our bodies

It’s not always easy to love our bodies — but seeing other people love theirs definitely helps! There’s something about seeing another person be unapologetic about their “flaws” and completely shame-free about their body that really does inspire us, and helps us be better to our *own* bodies. And one such person is Morena, a Swiss body positivity blogger. Ever since we came across her amazingly positive posts, we’ve been head over heels!

One post in particular featured her eating dessert in a bikini, and it’s actually *so* uplifting and encouraging. On the post, she wrote,

"People tell me that I should eat less or better in order to lose weight and live a healthy life. But I'm sure those people don't know me and my story, my past. It's a past full of binges, self-harm and a lot of tears."

She continued, saying,

"After months of restricting myself and excercising two hours everyday I lost myself. This was followed by months of bingeing and starving and forcing myself to work out at least one hour a day. It took me a lot of time and hard work to become a happy, healthy and bodypositive person again."

She’s started defining health for herself, and it’s been so empowering.

"If those people think I'm not healthy because of my belly rolls then I remember myself that I live healthier than before because I don't stress myself and I don't damage my body and my soul with starving and bingeing anymore. I enjoy excercising again and I enjoy life."

Finally, she said, only you know your body and what healthy looks like for you!

"So don't let people tell you how you have to live. They don't know you as good as you know yourself. Live as healthy as you enjoy living. It's your life 💛💜"

What an amazing lady. Cheers to body positivity!

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