Wishing and hoping and planning and praying . . . for an ‘OC’ reunion

Californiaaaaaaa, here we coooooomeeee…And come back again please, we’re begging you! Don’t make me re-write all the lyrics to Phantom Planet’s “California” to fit the theme of an O.C. reunion. But, I’ll do it if I have to. Luckily, we actually might not even need to resort to that type of begging to spark the idea of a reunion. It’s already something Ryan Attwood is thinking about (YISSSSSS!).

Before you break out your Chrismukkah decorations, an O.C. reunion is just an idea. But it’s a really good idea, and it’s an idea we really want to see actualized! With the overflow of other shows coming back to life, getting re-boots, getting spin-offs (lookin’ at you, Fuller Houselookin’ at you), and gathering together for reunion panels (‘sup Gilmore Girls?), shouldn’t the O.C. have one? Shouldn’t we go back to where we started from? CALIFORNIAAAAA?

Real talk: Ben McKenzie is not opposed to the idea of an O.C. reunion. It actually sounds like he would be all in for it, if only because that would mean he gets to spend time with Adam Brody, and his love for Brody runs deep. E! recently talked to McKenzie about the idea of getting the O.C. gang back together, and if it would even work.

“I don’t know,” McKenzie explains, and wait, you don’t know what? You don’t know if it’ll work, or if we’ll all tune into watch? “Of course” and “duh,” are the answers to both those questions. But anyway.

McKenzie continues saying that he saw Brody recently, and that he “hopes” something might happen. He finishes off with, “He’s a great guy.”

Oh, we know he’s a great guy, and you’re a great guy, too, McKenzie. But just know that now that you’ve put the thought of an O.C. reunion in our heads, it’s not going away for a while. It actually won’t go away until we see the O.C. reunion on our screens. And sure, so maybe the series finale of the show fast forwarded a few years into the future to check in on every one, but what are they up to now? Seth and Summer have a bunch of little Seth and Summers running around, right? I imagine they’ve all got cute comic book names.

Ryan has spoken, so now hear our prayers, Warner Bros. television, series creator Josh Schwartz, and the Cohens. McKenzie might be tied up with Gotham, and Brody might be expecting a new baby, but that doesn’t mean our O.C. dreams can’t come true.

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