Wishing a happy birthday to our forever-writing-hero Nora Ephron

When Nora Ephron died, her absence rocked the arts’ world. Three years later, her untimely death is still being mourned and very much felt. For many of us hopeless romantics in our 20s, Nora Ephron taught us about love in movie-form. Today, her birthday, we wanted to take a moment to remember the legend that she was and say THANK YOU for making us fall so absolutely head over heels in love with love.

Now some of you may be saying “who exactly is Nora Ephron?” and to you I say ,”you already know her, you may just not realize it yet.” Ephron was queen of the rom-com and spokeswoman of our hearts, penning some of the funniest and most honest films we’ve ever seen. She was the creative genius behind our beloved Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, we could keep going. She also wrote books, she wrote plays, she wrote articles, and mentored intelligent creative young women like Lena Dunham.

She was literary perfection, mixing grand romantic stories with a healthy dose of sharp wit and hilarious banter. She was honest and truthful and loved to write about complicated women living their complicated lives. Nobody could make us simultaneously laugh and cry like Lady Ephron.

Nobody could write gut-wrenching lines like this one:

Or romantic lines like this one:

Or hysterical lines like this one:

Like she could.

But Ephron was so much more than just gifted in her career. Behind her incredible success she was also an advocate for female empowerment, making the way and providing encouragement for those of us growing up in awe of her. One of her finest pearls of woman wisdom? A quote we carry with us every single day:

So today on her birthday let us celebrate the life of a woman who filled our heads and hearts with laughter and wisdom and romance. Happy Birthday Nora Ephron! We will celebrate tonight with a movie marathon and ice cream.

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