This bat-shaped eye mask is here to scare away your dark circles

In case you didn’t realize, spooky season is in full swing. But if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably long since decked your halls with Halloween-themed decor and you’ve spent evenings pouring over options for this year’s perfect costume. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for some, but chances are, you didn’t realize your skincare could get in on the fun, too. 

Thanks to Korean beauty brand Wish Formula, you can give your skincare routine a Halloween-appropriate upgrade with its Bat Eye Mask—yes, we’re talking about an eye mask designed to look like a bat stretched across your face. Honestly, it’s a recipe for the perfect Instagram Halloween #selfcare story, not to mention it could qualify as a last-minute costume if you’re feeling lazy enough. 

Formulated with a blend of skin-brightening vitamin C, soothing fermented honey, and antioxidant-rich centella asiatica—a staple ingredient found in some of our cult-fave K-beauty products—the bat-themed eye mask is designed to hydrate, repair, and brighten the delicate skin under your eyes so you’re left with a rejuvenated and refreshed look. 

Whether shopping for a Halloween-enthusiast friend or looking for a fun way to relax and replenish your skin, shoppers are vouching for the eye mask’s scream-worthy appeal:

“Super cute!” one reviewer said. “It’s actually a gift for a friend who loves bats and is 100 percent Halloween aesthetic, so I’m waiting for her birthday to give it to her. Can’t speak on how it works but it seems really cute and I know she’s gonna love it when I give it to her! If you know anyone who shops for home decor in the Halloween aisle each year, this is a safe bet.”

“Super fun mask with a great texture and great formula,” said another.

Ready for a real Halloween treat? You can snag the Wish Formula eye mask for under $3 at Walmart, meaning you can stock up on enough for all of this month’s Netflix horror movie binges, then count on them to revive puffy eyes after your Halloween festivities. No tricks here, folks, just glowing skin. 


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