This wise woman took Chia Pets and gave them a breathtaking update with succulents

Remember back in the ’90s when Chia Pets swept the nation? Well, since ’90s trends are sweeping the nation once again, we weren’t surprised to see one wise gardener take the basic idea behind Chia Pets and give it a gorgeous succulent update. It’s the perfect ’90s-meets-current-trends mashup!

Vanessa, the author of Gardening in the Shade, writes that she discovered a turtle topiary on Pinterest (a topiary is a plant that’s been clipped into a particular shape, in case you weren’t sure!) and decided that she wanted — nay, needed! — a turtle in her garden. So she set out to create one using succulents and a few supplies from the dollar store.

The result? The sweetest turtle-shaped, Chia Pet-style topiary we ever did see!


To create the turtle, Vanessa used a wire basket with a coconut fibre liner, for the turtle’s body; four clay pots for its legs; chicken wire, to create its head; sphagnum moss, to fill its head; and a few other odds and ends from the hardware section.

You can read more about her process here, and get step-by-step instructions.

On Pinterest, others have created similar DIY garden ornaments using succulents, and they’re really motivating us to roll up our sleeves and get planting. In fact, this long weekend we’re vowing to ~go green~ and make something with plants. Are you with us?


After all, who wouldn’t want this gentle creature “crawling” around their backyard?!