The under-appreciated wisdom of Charlie Brown

Just today we were gifted with some new images of what the adorable Peanuts gang will look like when they arrive in movie theaters next November in The Peanuts Movie. If you ever imagined what Charlie and his crew would look like with a 21st century makeover, here’s your answer. New, snazzy dimensions, same old, wonderful facial expressions. From what we hear, the movie won’t be introducing new characters, or going for any modern movie day jokes, instead it will be striving to be what Peanuts has been all along: a timeless story about friendship.

And we’re psyched for that. Peanuts has always been a fountain of wisdom when it comes to friendship — and the human condition. Long before we pinning and regramming quotes, Charlie Brown was rattling off inspirational (and sometimes just honest) sayings faster than we can say, “Oh, good grief.” In honor of the forthcoming movie, and the quote-machine credit that Charlie Brown is most certainly due, here are some of his most under-appreciated moments of pure 8-year-old wisdom.

On friends 

On solving all of life’s problems

On a truth universally acknowledged 

On happiness 

On awkward times 

On fear

On worry 

On how we all totally feel about music 

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