How much snow will NYC get today? Grab your shovel

Good morning, New York! Chances are you’re reading this from the comfort of your own home. Because if for some reason you haven’t looked outside yet, it’s snowing. A lot. Winter Storm Toby NYC descended upon the Big Apple late on Tuesday, March 20th, with a bit of wetness and wind. And this morning, Wednesday, March 21st, the snow came. Meteorologists have predicted quite the accumulation for New York. So much so that the NYC DOE announced last night that NYC public schools would be closed today. So, just how much snow will the fourth nor’easter bring to NYC?

Even though the weather didn’t seem too bad this morning — it didn’t start snowing until around 8 a.m. ET — conditions are deteriorating. Businesses are closing and the MTA has already announced changes in service due to the winter weather. The Weather Channel reports that snow is already falling at one inch per hour at Newark-Liberty Airport. And as of now, Storm Team 4 NY predicts that the city will see at least 10-12 inches of snow from Winter Storm Toby NYC, if not more. As the day goes on, the snow will become steadier and the winds will pick up.

Here’s the latest weather forecast for NYC.

Storm Team 4 NY also advises to stay off the roads if possible.

Fortunately, once we’re through this bout of snow, it looks like the weekend will actually be pretty nice.

But in the meantime — why, Toby, why?!

Stay safe out there! It looks like Winter Storm Toby NYC is going to be a big one.

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