Is Winter Storm Skylar going to hit New Jersey? Here’s the latest forecast

The East Coast has had its fair share of snow this year, and there’s more on the way. If you’re curious about if Winter Storm Skylar is going to hit New Jersey, it seems like the Garden State may be facing a few flurries early this week.

Winter Storm Skylar is expected to do the most damage around Boston, bringing heavy snowfall and dangerous winds. As for New Jersey, Winter Storm Skylar is the third nor’easter to hit the area in only 10 days. Snow is expected to start late on Monday night, March 12th, and continue on until Tuesday, as reported by Patch. While it might start out as light rain, a weather advisory has already been issued for North Jersey, Central Jersey, and the Jersey Shore, and areas in New Jersey are already preparing for a few school closures.

In Newark, there’s currently an 80% chance of precipitation for Tuesday, and winds are expected to reach up to 20 mph throughout the day. As is true with all storms, this is subject to change as the storm approaches.

While it’s best to stay cautious, most areas of New Jersey aren’t expecting a huge accumulation. South Jersey is currently predicting just around two inches of snow. Monmouth and Ocean County are expecting between three and four inched, according to, which is connected with USA Today.

Still, the threat of a storm is never ideal, especially because The Weather Channel reported that many homes in New Jersey are still without power thanks to the past two winter storms that have made their way through the area.  They’re reporting that around 6,000 residents and businesses are without electricity, which will make preparedness for Winter Storm Skylar even tougher.

We hope everyone in New Jersey stays safe and avoids travel if the roads become hazardous.