How will Winter Storm Quinn affect Boston? Get your snow shovels ready

Less than a week ago, on March 1st, a nor’easter called Winter Storm Riley ripped through the East Coast before it died down on March 4th. But don’t put away your parkas just yet: Another nor’easter is brewing. Here’s how Winter Storm Quinn could affect you if you call Boston home.

The weekend’s nor’easter-turned-bomb-cyclone, Winter Storm Riley resulted in power outages for almost 2 million people. Trains and flights were canceled, trees and power lines were downed, and the Massachusetts coast saw coastal flooding. But Quinn, which is set to hit Boston tomorrow, March 7th, is predicted to be a lot snowier than Riley.

According to the Weather Channel, snow is likely to accumulate in Boston on March 7th and 8th, and the outlying suburbs could get up to a foot of snow. The south shore will likely get a lot less, however, with only about an inch forecast. But Boston will experience a mix of rain and snow throughout the storm, and meteorologists aren’t entirely sure just how much of that will be the white stuff.

Thankfully, this storm will be less intense than Riley, with lower tides and weaker winds. Flooding is also less of a concern with Quinn than it was with the weekend’s storm. However, slightly warmer temperatures will mean that the snow that falls during Quinn will be wet and heavy, with the potential to knock down more trees and power lines and cause further blackouts.

No matter if Boston is pounded by a blizzard or only sees slush, it’s important to be prepared. The National Weather Service recommends that you have a disaster preparedness kit in your home with plenty of food, water, and other supplies. Additionally, make sure you have snow removal gear like shovels and salt. And keep up to date by listening to weather reports on your local news channels.

With yet another winter storm on the way, we hope everyone on the East Coast stays safe and warm over the next few days. Hopefully, sunny weather will be just around the corner.