How will Winter Storm Quinn affect Baltimore? Here’s how prepared you should be

Baltimore’s an amazing city to visit, but it may not be a great place to visit this week…specifically because Winter Storm Quinn is expected to hit the NorthEast Wednesday, March 7th. But how bad will Winter Storm Quinn affect Baltimore, and should residents start piling up on emergency supplies?

As of now, Baltimore is expected to feel some of the wrath of the storm, but not as badly as other areas. There’s an 80 percent chance that the area will see a bit of rain and snow between Tuesday night and Wednesday, according to the Baltimore Sun. Northern Baltimore and Harford counties are expected to feel the storm a little more, with a possible snow accumulation of five inches.

The weather will likely start as rain on Tuesday, March 7th, and then turn into snow later in the night.

Winter Storm Riley brought a lot of heavy winds that affected the area just days ago, but meteorologists are predicting that they won’t be as bad this time around. Temperatures are expected to hit the 40s later in the week, and by Saturday, it should be around 47 degrees and sunny.

While Baltimore won’t feel the effects as much as residents in New York, they should still be cautious about travel. Based on the mix of snow and rain, drivers will have a harder commute and road closures are possible.

Stay safe, and use your judgement while traveling!