How much is it going to snow? Here’s the 411 on Winter Storms Oliver and Noah

Don’t ditch your winter wardrobe just yet. we’ve got a few winter storms on the way, and they could bring some serious snow with them. While the past few days have been relatively mild, winter is still here  — and it means business. It’s time to batten down the hatches and get ready to sit through a few more winter storms. But just how much trouble are Winter Storm Oliver and Winter Storm Noah going to cause? We’ve got what you need to know about this February weather.

Unfortunately, Winter Storm Oliver promises a wet week. The Midwest should expect a lengthy visit from one of our winter storms, hitting the Cascades and Rocky Mountains over the weekend of February 17-18. But that’s not all. It looks like Winter Storm Oliver will continue well into the week, bringing heavy rain and ice.

Blizzard conditions are very likely, and some coastal flooding is predicted — particularly in Seattle and Puget Sound. The north side of this jet stream looks to get the worst of it, suffering from some of the coldest temperatures of the entire season. While most of this should turn into cold, wet rain by the end of the week, some areas could get hit by up to 18 inches of snow before then. So much for that February thaw.

Meanwhile, Winter Storm Noah put up a good fight.

The Northeast received a solid amount of snow this weekend, of the wet and heavy variety. But unlike Winter Storm Oliver, Winter Storm Noah isn’t going to linger; the snow stopped early on Sunday morning. Despite the brevity of the storm, parts of the Northeast were still hit. Baltimore received 1-3 inches of snow, New York City received 4-5 inches, and some parts of northeastern New Jersey accumulated up to 9 inches of snow.

So if you’re itching for your spring wardrobe, we’ve got some bad news: Looks like winter is planning on sticking around longer than we’d like. How many more days until summer?

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