11 winter movies that you should watch during summer when it’s too hot to go outside

Currently, we’re in the midst of the dog days when the outdoor temps turn us into drained, sweaty versions of our normal selves. To survive the season of the sauna, one has to be super creative and somewhat fine with becoming a hermit who watches winter-themed movies all day because, quite frankly, it’s too freakin’ hot to frolic in the sun.

Honestly, that’s the main and most obvious reason why no one should feel bad about staying inside all summer. Just do what makes you feel comfortable, even if that means going to extreme measures to beat the heat wave.

If your idea of having a great summer means binge-ing on winter movies that help you pretend like it isn’t absolutely blazing outdoors, then so be it.

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Srsly, no one complains when people break out all those summer movies to help you forget it’s freezing when winter unleashes its wrath upon us! So, we say let the summer haters cope in peace from the comfort of their couches, A/C on cool, boozy drink in hand and enough winter movies to get them through until cooler weather arrives.



In case you’ve forgotten what snow looks like or how cold Arctic air feels against your skin. In Fargo, there was literally snow everywhere. And also bloody murder, but let’s stay focused on the cold, shall we?

2Groundhog Day


While you’re relaxing under the cool breeze of air conditioning, be sure to watch Groundhog Day with friends who are equally grinch-y over the fact that summer is just one extended version of the film. Rejoice in the fact that you literally cannot stand summer as much as Bill Murray’s character hated, well, everything.

3The Nightmare Before Christmas


If you find this sweaty season as insufferable as we think you do, you’re probably convinced that the Tim Burton film title is code for summer.

4The Revenant

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In order to convince yourself that summer isn’t that bad, you have to resort to extreme measures like watching Leonardo DiCaprio retreat from the cold by spending the night inside of a horse carcass. #gross

Also, the fact that the Oscar-winning actor said it was colder filming The Revenant in the unrelenting wintry wilderness of Canada and Argentina than the final icy Titanic scene makes you strangely happy inside. / Yay, winter!

5The Day After Tomorrow

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Hoping for a new ice age might be an excessive way to cope with the heat, but seeing summer obliterated in The Day After Tomorrow should at least help you cool off.


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Oh, if only you had Princess Elsa’s ability to produce eternal winter with your hands, life would be so much better (and cooler) right now.


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Never have blizzard conditions sounded so appealing.

8Happy Feet

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These uber adorable penguins from Antarctica know that the sweaty swamp feet we have throughout summer are the furthest thing from happy.

9The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

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It’s no surprise that summer is the only time of year you can watch this movie and cheer on the Ice Queen.

10Ice Age

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This adorable animated film is about a group of animals that migrate south to escape the brutal cold of winter, but if only you could warn them that the miserable heat of summer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


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This holiday film about a girl nursing one of Santa’s injured reindeer back to health will warm your heart, but the snowy scenes make it a perfect winter film to watch in summer.