9 times Winston was the ultimate Prank Sinatra on New Girl

Now would be a goof time to *finally* memorize the rules to True American because, New Girl is officially in its seventh and final season. While the season kicks things off three years after the Season 6 finale, we can rest assured knowing that while our favorite loft residents — current and former, that is — may be a few years older, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all that wiser.

Throughout its run, New Girl has had a number of long-running gags, from Schmidt’s ever-growing contributions to the douche jar to Nick’s generally one-sided friendship with Tran. But, of course, it wouldn’t be New Girl without an appearance from Prank Sinatra.

As much as we love watching Schmidt say something outlandish and inappropriate or Nick and Jess play six season worth of mind games as they figured out their relationship, it goes without saying that Winston Bishop is one of the best — and often most underrated — characters on the series. While generally anything he does on the series is absolute gold, from singing his heart out to Wicked to any scene involving he and Ferguson the cat.

But Winston’s devotion to pranks, despite being a generally terrible prankster, is truly what has made him such a lovable and hilarious character. With just a handful of episode to go before signing off for good, we’re hoping Prank Sinatra makes one final appearance on New Girl.

In honor of the series returning for its final season, here are some of Winston’s best (and of course, the worst) pranks:

1When his prank on Nick had very real implications:

2When Winston found his match in Rhonda and played accomplice to her truly awful prank on the gang:


3When he went for the exact opposite of “go big or go home”:


4When Lamorne Morris channeled his inner Winston on April Fool’s Day and it was…an idea:

5And then in true Winston form, may have taken things a little too far:

6When he had this decidedly terrible idea:

"Get a bear, shoot it full of HepC, then release it in the restaurant when they order dessert."

7When Schmidt asked for a little Prank Sinatra to “sabo” Cece’s wedding to Shivrang, and Winston’s first prank idea was straight-up murder:

8But instead delivered with a little Cotton-Eyed Joe to walk her down the aisle:


9When Winston unleashed The Beast while disrupting Cece’s wedding and phase three got a little Hairy — literally:


Here’s hoping we’ll see the return of Prank Sinatra during New Girl’s final season!