Winnie Harlow and Lady Gaga are our new #BFFGoals — when you see them, you’ll get it

Few things make us quite as happy as unexpected celebrity friendships. Honestly, they just make us *so* happy! There’s just something about seeing our celebrity faves hanging out together that brings us so much joy. So when we saw that Winnie Harlow and Lady Gaga apparently have a special bond, we were pretty much bursting into glitter. They’re both just so cool, and so sweet together.

Who is Winnie Harlow? A ridiculously talented Canadian model who has embraced her vitiligo, Winnie Harlow is actually our role model. Winnie Harlow is also totally our style icon, and this look is proof! Plus, we obviously dig Lady Gaga, like, obv. Lady Gaga is an undeniable force for good in the world, and we’d be totally honored to be a part of her squad.

Just look at Winnie Harlow and Lady Gaga. Of course both of them have ridiculously elegant dresses with totally unique cut outs. Talk about iconic beauties!

Harlow captioned the photo,

"Kisses from the Mrs. 😘😂 @ladygaga

How *cute* is that?!

TBH, Winnie Harlow and Lady Gaga are our new #BFFGoals. Their outfits are so well coordinated, and they both look so sleek and stunning. Oh, so chic!

If ever there was an Insta photo we wished we could slip right into, this is it! Oh, to be a part of this perf squad. We love them both so much!

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