Winner of best Matthew McConaughey impression goes to this parrot

I think it’s safe to say that every single person in all 50 states can do a solid Matthew McConaughey impression. Mainly because saying “alright” three times in a row with a slight southern twang is probably the easiest impression to do. Actually, people probably do it by accident all the time, and then recognize their talent and say, “Did you guys just hear my accidental amazing McConaughey impression? So good, right?” Because ultimately, there is no bad McConaughey impression. It just can’t happen. Which means, no one can ever be impressed by someone doing a McConaughey impression. Unless the impersonator is not a person but a parrot.

It seems that Einstein the parrot has seen Dazed and Confused (and basically every other McConaughey movie and acceptance speech ever) a few too many times. Her spot on impression is the most impressive animal-doing-a-celebrity-impression impression I’ve ever seen. She’s from Texas though, so the southern accent comes a little more naturally to her, but she’s a bird, so she still wins. And I am definitely alright, alright, alright with that.

Check her out:

And just for good measure:

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