This Wingman app makes your friends only date people you deem appropriate

You love your bestie, but oh my gosh, she’s got the worst taste in guys. Thankfully, now there’s a way for you to step up and (kindly) give your input. A new dating app called Wingman will let you screen her potential dates, and take control. And trust us — this is an opportunity you don’t want to blow.

As her best friend, you actually have all the power as far as Wingman is concerned. Your friend isn’t the one creating a profile here. Just like if you were at the bar, you’re responsible for being the person to talk your friend up. You’re the matchmaker, and her happiness is (possibly) in the palm of your hands.

Confused? Just watch this video and see how it’s all done.

Just think about it — if your friend constantly has a thing for underachievers, you can help her meet someone who’s worthy of her time. It’s definitely a fun-sounding experience that could end up leading to so much more.

The app was created by Tina Wilson, a creative mind who’s based in London. During an interview with Mashable, she confessed that the idea came to her after friends were eager to set her up after a breakup.

The app itself is based on two people (er — two friends of people) deciding to connect. Since your friend will only become aware of the matches, she’s also shielded from the potential heartbreak during that beginning stage.

Wingman is currently available for iOS, but Wilson already has plans to make it available for Android, too — since obviously, you shouldn’t have to have an iPhone to find love.

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