How to impress your picky parents, courtesy of Barefoot Wine’s #WineLine

Going home to visit the family can be equal parts stressful and exciting — but deciding what to bring for your parents shouldn’t have to add on to the spiral. In case you missed it, we’ve teamed up with Barefoot Wine — our favorite, affordable wine brand — for #WineLine, a brand new video series all about choosing the perfect bottle of vino. Obviously, the brand has no shortage of expertise when it comes to wine, and #WineLine has all the advice we need for showing our parents we care.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the series, #WineLine is the perfect resource for anyone who loves a great glass of wine but still has no idea what “full-bodied” actually means. It’s essentially a hotline for wine advice, and the guardian angel of the alcohol aisle. We wish it existed in every grocery store!

In our final video from the series, two twin sisters find themselves arguing over what bottle of wine they should bring home to their picky father. Ever the peacemaker, #WineLine steps in, and helps the girls pick not one, but two bottles guaranteed to please even the choosiest of palettes. We know exactly what we’ll be bringing home for family dinner next weekend.

Check it our for yourself below, and more videos from our #WineLine series right here!