Hold up, because wine-infused coffee is a thing now!

If there’s one thing we love, it’s coffee. And if there’s a second thing we love, it’s wine. So EVERYBODY STOP EVERYTHING because we just found out that wine-infused coffee is a thing thanks to Rick Molinari and his café in the Napa Valley! The cafe is called Molinari Private Reserve. And we’re more than intrigued.

As the website explains, Molinari’s speciality is taking wine and roasting it with coffee beans to create a “culinary delight” that “discerning taste buds will appreciate.”  Hey, WE have discerning taste buds! “The full-bodied coffee beans relax in a beautiful small-batch, artisan-crafted wine, absorbing its nose and history. The coffee is then carefully dried and hand roasted in small batches.”

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How can you try it, you ask? Half-pound bags are sold on the website for $19.95, and they even offer handy hints to brew it and get the best flavor.

"Add a little milk, and you get a little more of the wine taste. Pull it in an espresso shot, and you still get that head of crème. Much like wine itself, the longer the coffee sits, the better the taste. Even when chilled overnight, you get a great taste."


Sometimes, the world is a very good place.

via giphyThis definitely sounds like a drink that every wine lover and caffeine freak should know about. And don’t worry — the coffee isn’t actually alcoholic. It’s just infused with the flavor of wine. Meaning it’s definitely morning-friendly. And it’s guaranteed to taste amazing. So there’s that.