Move over, water fountains — wine fountains are a thing now

Wine lovers, rejoice! Wine fountains are the latest craze, and people are freaking out about it.

In the town of Caldari di Ortona, Italy, a vineyard has made a fountain that -- like a more adult version of the water fountains of our youthful schoolyard days -- dispenses FREE wine.

The fountain is open to the public and dispenses wine made at local vineyards.

As reported by Cosmopolitan, the fountain is located along a popular religious trek, where thousands of Italians are said to travel each year.

Though readers and wine enthusiasts everywhere may be ready to pack their bags and experience this vineyard's invention, it should be known that this fountain's primary focus is providing folks on their religious journey with something to quench their thirst.

But either way, what’s more awesome than a fountain flowing with free wine?