This brilliant wine filter could cure your vino-induced headache

Let us all rejoice for we are on the brink of having one less wine problem. So, you know how some wines give you a headache after drinking, even after only half a glass? Startup company Üllo has a wine filter that could stop those headaches altogether by eliminating the sulfites that are believed to cause them.

We’ve all been there: You’ve only taken a sip (fine, more like a swig) of vino and before you get your buzz on, a pesky pain stops you in your tracks. Hopefully one of your resourceful friends brought a pack of wine condoms to re-seal the bottle, otherwise this night of would-be drunkenness is officially a total loss.

But as Üllo founder James Kornacki tells, with the wine-purifying system, we no longer have to suffer through the side effects of a wine hangover when we’ve barely consumed enough wine to get tipsy.

"It takes the sulfites right out of the wine and it's the first product to do that," Kornacki said. "What enables this product is the select sulfite-capture technology that I developed which treats sulfites more as like something that can be pulled out with a magnet."

Interesting. So how will this sulfite-zapping magnet affect the wine?

"We don’t screw up the wine chemistry," Kornacki added. "Wine is one of the most complex beverages that we know of—there are about 1,000 compounds in there."

If you’re tired of curving that bottle of Merlot that’s collecting dust in your cabinet, it just might be worth a shot. Üllo costs around $80 per device, plus the filters, will run you $3 a pop and need to be replaced after each use.

So, is it too late to add this to our Christmas wine wishlist?