Wine condoms are a thing, and they’re about to be your new favorite invention

Based on Google’s suggested search terms, “how to put a cork back in a wine bottle” is a common issue. Anyone whose wine-sipping sesh turns stressful AF when they can’t re-cork that (second) bottle they didn’t finish will *so* appreciate these wine condoms we spotted at Food Republic. Before someone else points out the obvious, we know the name conjures up some not-so-pleasant imagery, but these ingenious inventions offer the the perfect solution to your current corking conundrum.

Picture this: It’s Friday night and you just got paid and all you can think about is gettin’ your sip on. You sip aaa-aand you sip until those three bottles of vino begin to look like a revolving four-pack.


Now it’s time to re-cork the damn bottle and ugh, that’s so not gonna happen. You’ve misplaced your cork stopper and plus, it’s way easier to shove the unfinished bottle in the fridge and wake up to some bland ass wine — or not, because wine condoms are here so you don’t have to.

So here are the deets: They’re made from rubber and can be used twice. Also, a six-pack of wine condoms are $10 on Amazon, so they’re not too hard on the wallet.

They come in a fancy box and are even packaged like real condoms:

Here’s a closeup because you know you wanna see:

Seriously, you should do yourself a favor and cop some wine condoms ASAP. Your Friday nights will thank you.