Wine bottle Christmas trees are about to be your new favorite booze-inspired holiday decorating trend

Depending on how you celebrate the holiday season, there may or may not be lots of drinking involved. If your festive vibe isn’t complete without a bottle of vino, then wine bottle Christmas tree we spotted at Elite Daily will soon be your favorite drink-inspired DIY holiday decorating trend.

Adorning your very own wine bottle Christmas tree looks fairly simple: Drink a shit ton of wine and reuse the empty wine bottles to glam up your home for the holidays. Seriously, this is the one time you shouldn’t be ashamed to let everyone in on how much wine you guzzle. Blame your excessive pile of wine bottles on the holidays, or pin it on those delish red wine brownies that you cannot stop baking. Whatever you do, decorate and display your wine bottle Christmas tree with pride and absolutely no regard for anyone else’s judgey eyes because ’tis the season to drink, decorate stuff and be merry, dammit.

Ahhhh… just looking at these trees has us feeling downright giddy:

We don’t mean to shade our beloved evergreen trees of holidays past, but this wine Christmas tree just might be the greatest holiday decoration of all time.