Wine bottle Christmas trees are a thing, and they’re breathtaking

With Christmas comes holiday parties galore, which can also lead to the consumption of plenty of libations. That’s what makes wine bottle Christmas trees the perfect addition to your holiday decor. By taking empty wine bottles and organizing them into the shape of an evergreen tree, it creates the most magical holiday decoration full of glitz and sparkle.

Obviously, the wine drinkers of the world who celebrate Christmas will appreciate this tree variation the most. As you admire these Christmas trees made up of empty wine bottles, just think if your yearly wine drinking would have led to enough bottles to create a beautiful tree.

Whether they are huge and elaborate or a bit more understated, there is something truly glorious about the way the glass reflects off the strands of Christmas lights.

Now, while many of these wine trees appear to have been created for commercial use at places like wineries, hotels, or restaurants, you can actually make your own at home.

How you go about making a wine wonderland tree can depend. After you have acquired plenty of empty wine bottles from painstakingly enjoying glasses of Merlot, Pinot Grigio, and the like, you’ll need to get down to logistics.

You can channel how to create a beer bottle tree, like in this 2007 YouTube video.

Or you can purchase a metal display rack like The Yule Log 365 blog suggested to place the bottles on. Full disclosure: If you go for a full-sized one, they can be a bit pricey.


There are smaller, tabletop bottle drying racks, but that might not be the exact aesthetic you are going for since the larger trees are much more epic.

Whichever size you choose, if you use it Christmas after Christmas, it will totally be worth it and probably not much more expensive than buying a fresh tree every year.

Another option is to skip the metal and go with plastic to save some money. This rack from MoreWine! holds 88 wine bottles for only $34.99 — and is already festively colored in red.


No matter if you choose to just admire wine Christmas trees this year or build your own, there’s no denying they are a cheers-worthy addition to the world of holiday decorations. So enjoy your wine and holidays responsibly with these gorgeous trees.

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