This wine advent calendar will keep you warm and fuzzy throughout the holidays

Keeping track of your schedule can be a huge hassle, but here’s a boozy new incentive for becoming more focused on organizing your daily duties, at least until Christmas arrives: VineBox’s wine advent calendar.  We’ve barely processed the excitement of having access to an advent calendar filled with lipsticks, but luckily, there are 12 days’ worth of vino to calm us down and fill us with warm, fuzzy feelings. Honestly, it’s hard to be a Grinch McScroogeface when your countdown to Christmas involves wearing your favorite lippie and getting tipsy.

According to Woman’s Day, this wine lovers’ dream gift works just like all of the other advent calendars, except it’s way better than biting into a piece of chocolate (seriously) or unveiling a shiny new coin. While this is the season of giving, this is the one time you get a holiday pass on sharing.

The wine set includes four boxes of red or white wines chosen by a sommelier, which adds up to 12 glasses of vino that are guaranteed to take your daily sipping sesh to the highest level of fancy.

Currently, you can have the limited-edition holiday set shipped to you on Dec. 5 by reserving it for $129.95 on VineBox’s site.