This pig actually thinks she’s a horse. Let’s not tell her.

Our new favorite role model for self-confidence is — wait for it — a pig. For real. Because Wilma, a totally adorbs little pig from the island of Oahu, Hawaii, has decided she’s not actually a pig at all. She’s a horse. Not just any horse, mind you, but a polo pony.

Look out, Ralph Lauren.

Wilma comes from a feral pig colony in Molukeia, near Oahu’s famed North Shore. In this case, the word feral refers to her species rather than a wild or untamed state: this precious little piggy could not be more civilized. She’s moved herself right into Molukeia’s Hawaii Polo Club and even sports a spiffy red harness. Because everyone knows polo ponies always look their best. It’s also the polo club’s way of trying to keep her safe from hunters and identifying Wilma as one of their own. Awww!

Wilma’s new life as horse began when she left the area where she’d been spotted with a group of other piglets and walked across the road to the polo club. It was as simple as crossing the street. (Note to self: moving forward doesn’t have to be complicated.) Now Wilma has adopted the horses as her herd. She spends her days trotting alongside them and even though her legs are a bit on the short side for a horse, she manages to keep up. She even finds time for an occasional mud bath.

The sassy pig sticks to her horse family like glue, and according to handler Sarah Keawe, who regularly cares for Wilma, all of the horses accept her as one of their own. She does have a few besties out of the bunch, though. Natch. There’s even talk around the polo club of making a tiny little saddle for Wilma and pairing her with a rider — club manager Devon Daily’s baby girl, Isla Grace. Stop! Our hearts are exploding.

It all goes to show that when you believe in yourself, dreams come true. Even for pigs. We think you rock, Wilma. Dream on, girl. Dream on.

Take a look at Wilma’s life as a horse here.

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