Replaying Willow Smith’s trippy new ‘Wit a Indigo’ vid all day long

Our heads are spinning and it’s not because we’ve been whipping our hair back and forth.

Feast your eyes on Willow Smith’s latest (and trippiest) video endeavor to date: “Wit a Indigo.”

Willow, along with her music collective DIASPORA, can be heard telling their adversaries, “Are you judging me with your scrunched up nose? . . . You don’t wanna mess wit a Indigo like that” throughout the tune. Don’t let the lyrics fly too far over your head, though.

An “indigo child,” as Cosmopolitan notes, is a “child believed to possess special and sometimes supernatural abilities, including heightened levels of empathy, extra creativity, high IQ, and psychic powers.” With mentions of a spheres, light years, and third eyes peppered throughout the song, “Wit a Indigo” seems to be reflecting a few cornerstones of this mysterious indigo child-ism. Also, the song samples Stevie Wonder’s, “They Won’t Go When I Go” so there’s that.

The video takes the “indigo child” reference quite literally. Thanks to some post-production magic, the video is wrought with colorful imagery, with a particular focus on, well, indigo.

Check out the video in all its indigo drenched glory, below.

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