Here’s why Willow Smith will not apologize for feeling her feelings

Being a human is hard – especially because emotions exist. That may explain why, when it comes to processing our complicated, sometimes confusing feelings, many of us tend to separate them into two categories: Good and Bad. The former involves reactions such as happiness, excitement, pride, and gratefulness. As for the latter, we’re inclined to label anger, confusion, loneliness, and (of course) sadness as emotions that are “bad.”

While it’s perfectly normal for us to compartmentalize our feelings as we process certain events and work to be the best we can be, it isn’t always the healthiest way to deal with our problems. Yesterday, with one of her latest posts on Instagram, Willow Smith made us realize this. Not only that – but she provided us all with some beautifully wise words.

It’s okay to be sad / confused / insecure / because those feelings are apart [SIC] of life,wrote Willow. “Too often do we get told to ‘be happy’ / ‘don’t cry’ / ‘someone else’s problems are so much worse than yours.’”

We have a feeling that Willow’s words strike a chord with many of her followers. Since sadness is seen as an undesirable emotion, it’s easy to want to get rid of it when it pops up. It’s understandable when someone tells themselves (or someone else) that there are worse things in the world or that there’s no reason to be feeling gloomy.

But we forget that in order to be content and happy with ourselves and life / we MUST feel the opposite at times,continued Willow. “[W]e must relax into the totality of existence in order to reach <divinity>.

Without bad, there would be no good. Without sadness, there would be no happiness. All feelings –whether they’re “good” or “bad” – are a natural part of life and it’s important that we don’t ignore or try to push them away. Though this is easier said than done, at least we’re never alone in the way that we feel. Because we all feel sad at times and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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