Willow Smith releases “November 9th,” a new song to help ease our post-election anxiety, and we couldn’t be more grateful

Since we’re well aware of the wondrous healing properties of music, we instantly dived into Willow Smith’s new song “November 9th” to take advantage of some much-needed feel-good vibes. According to Stereogum, the 16-year-old shared her latest tune on Soundcloud with the intention of spreading some therapeutic feels to anyone who is still grappling with post-election anxiety (read: all of us).

The quiet, contemplative track finds Smith addressing the current state of affairs in her signature laid-back manner. While the sound is minimalist, Smith uses her influence as a role model to call to strongly encourage young girls and boys to unite and continue wielding their power.

“I wrote this song on the day of the election,” Smith’s caption reads. “Peace and revelations to all!”

She sings, “Baby girl, I know you’re tired/Don’t let the world put out your fire/Take my hand and you will see/ Sadness and anger aren’t everything.”


Speaking of emotion, Smith’s insightful thoughts on sadness recently reminded us that it’s perfectly fine to not feel happy all the time. While we’re still all in the midst of some heavy-duty emotional processing, we’re grateful for artists who use their platforms to speak out on important issues. That said, Smith’s soft-spoken anthem of resilience and strength is a tune that we’ll eagerly add to our playlist of healing songs.