Willow Smith released a new EP titled “Mellifluous” and we can’t stop vibing to it

Since we can’t get enough of mellow music that soothes the soul, we are officially in non-stop groove and chill mode because Willow Smith dropped an EP titled Mellifluous and instantly sent us into a zen state. Billboard reports that the 16-year-old singer/songwriter/all-around cool kid released the three-track project on Wednesday, sharing the cover artwork and Soundcloud link on Instagram.

Based on her description of the EP’s three guitar-backed ballads, Smith’s wavy new music will do for us what her post-election song “November 9th” did, which is uplift and inspire while trying to make sense of confusion that life hits us with from time to time.

That’s a tough order to fill with three songs, but we’re definitely feeling her vibe.


"Feast Your Ears> // original guitar songs by me for the light eaters 🕉💕 ART BY THE GODDESS@_.salmon.," Smith captioned the post, adding, "Mellifluous = sweet sounding•smoothly flowing."

Seriously, we advise everyone to get into these sweet, lulling melodies because Willow is killing it.

While Mellifluous is a quick listen, it’s really impressive. Smith produced all three songs — “Cave Wall,” “Little Shard,” and “Need to Know,” which successfully contribute to her mission to spread “light, love and harmony through oneness with ourselves.”

We have to admit that we’re still scratching our heads over her brother Jaden’s video for “Fallen” (srsly, was that the Westworld set or nah?), but it would be absolutely fabulous if his lil’ sis dropped some music videos to complement the chill, laid-back attitude of Mellifluous.

C’mon, Willow. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. We know we’re not the only ones who are ready to see you throw on some Chanel and slay us with some vibey visuals.