Willow Smith Got Meaningful Matching Tattoos With Her Mom and Grandma

These tattoos are *so* pretty!

Watching three generations of women confront hard topics on Red Table Talk has resulted in huge success for Willow Smith and her mom, Jada, and grandmother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris (affectionately known as Gammy on the show)—and there’s no doubt it’s only strengthened their relationships. And now, they’ve done something really special (and kind of badass) as a family to mark their bond.

Willow, Jada, and Gammy got matching tattoos, and they showcased the entire experience on Red Table Talk.

Getting tattoos was something really exciting for all three of them—especially since Jada managed to get an appointment with famed tattoo artist Dr. Woo, which is usually next to impossible to accomplish. And in true RTT fashion, the ladies made this episode even more meaningful by discussing the rampant racism against the Chinese and AAPI community while they got inked.

Willow, Gammy, and Jada all got tattoos of three lotus flowers, which held big symbolism for all three of them.

“The lotus represents spiritual enlightenment and we hear this saying, ‘Through the mud grows the lotus,'” Willow said. “I think all of us from different practices in life have had that journey, the bud to the little blossom to the bloom. Also, I feel like [it] expresses the spiritual journey but also the three of us. I’m the youngest, my mom is the middle, and Gam is the fully bloomed lotus.”

Okay, that’s really cool—and in the end, the tattoos turned out beautifully.

These tattoos are gorgeous, and they’re something else that all three women can add to the list of things that connect them. There’s no doubt that they’ll treasure this experience (especially Willow, who’s always been a big fan of tattoos) for life.

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