Willow Smith is protesting the Dakota Acess Pipeline and she remains our youngest role model

At this point, it’s basically undeniable that Willow Smith is an incredible force of nature. Like, seriously. She’s done so much already at such a young age, making waves pretty much all over. She’s not just a style icon, or a music icon, or a creative icon — Willow Smith simply is an icon. Period.

And, once again, Willow Smith is proving that she’s seriously incredible because she’s shared that she’s participating in the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, otherwise known as #NoDAPL.

The young star took to Instagram to raise awareness of the fact that the protest continues. She’s using her platform for such good reasons, and we seriously couldn’t love her more.

She captioned the photo,


Willow also shared two videos from the protest, which, in total, were viewed 100,000 times (and honestly, probably a lot more by the time we even manage to hit “publish” on this). Like, woah. We count ourselves lucky if we get 100 views.


As the group walks, they chant,

"Keep it in the soil. Can't drink oil."

Willow isn’t visible in the second video, but is instead using her fame to draw attention to others at the protest.


We’re seriously so relieved whenever we see celebs using their major platforms to bring new things to our attention and to remind us of the truly important things happening in the world around us. So, once again, Willow: Thank you for being such a star.