Willow Smith dropped new music that will totally chill you out

When Willow Smith had us whipping our hair back and forth, we knew that this incredible young woman was a force to be reckoned with. So when her music style changed, we were intrigued and totally obsessed with her new sound. Well we are here to tell you that Willow Smith dropped new music and it is exactly what we needed to end this very stressful year.

What we love most about Willow Smith is that at the young age of 16, she not only reminds us of who we were at that age, but she also forces us to not conform to society’s expectations. When we were teenagers all we wanted to do was fit in, but as young adults, seeing her embrace individuality forces us to rethink who we want to be in this point of our lives. The beauty of her music is that it mimics exactly who we want to be!

The self produced mini EP was released onto Soundcloud this week and we are in love with her title Mellifluous. Although we are college educated individuals we had to look up what this word meant. Mellifluous is an adjective and it means, sweet or musical; pleasant to hear. Besides the fact that we are so going to add that word into our vocabulary, her music invokes just that mood. It’s soft and airy and whether you’re meditating, practicing yoga, or looking for some soft tunes to play while you work, this is the perfect music for that.

Instead of relying of auto-tune and over zealous production, she focuses on light vocals, low-key effects and all of this lulls over the sound of an air guitar. Although we don’t like to put limitations on teenagers, through these songs you forget that Willow is just 16 because she seems like an old soul through her lyrics.

If you’re not familiar with her music we definitely recommend you check it out! Although we love a good pop banger or working out to a hip hop classic, sometimes a slow tune is exactly what we need in this hectic, crazy world.