William Carlos Williams’ plums in the icebox poem somehow became a meme, and it’s getting out of control

It seems as if Twitter is an endless meme machine. Meaning to say that now Twitter’s made even a William Carlos Williams poem go viral. Do we know why his famous “This Is Just To Say” poem was the latest meme to take over the Internet? No. But the plums in the icebox are suddenly everywhere. And, honestly, we’re kind of loving all the crazy tweets inspired by them.

With this newest Twitter meme, the best part is how it makes very little sense at face value. And how it seemed to come completely out of nowhere. That’s probably why Twitter loved it, to be honest. Everyone had their takes and everyone wanted to make sure they were heard. Some of the best, though, came from those users who decided the poem needed the musical treatment. From song lyrics to just questioning the sanity of the work itself, everyone seemed to have quite the take on William Carlos Williams’ infamous plums in the icebox poem. The main question, though, is why were there plums in the icebox at all? And why did someone put them there to save for breakfast?

Either way, Twitter had fun and didn’t exactly lighten up very quickly. They loved this poem and all the jokes they could make.

Because William Carlos Williams’ plums were just so sweet, so cold.



First, this user just didn’t want Jolene to eat her plums. Steal her man, that’s fine. Just not the plums.

But then, of course, there’s the initial telling your friend that you did, in fact, eat the plums.

And finally, the dreams this user had about a man and woman eating the plums while he was sick to his stomach. You know, because he’s the Mr. Brightside of plum loving.


People had all kinds of takes.


And they just couldn’t stop.


Overall, the memes are just incredible and yes, it is strange that suddenly a William Carlos Williams poem is back in the forefront of our minds. But this is Twitter after all.

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