Ugh, Will Turner is still super dead in the latest “Pirates” trailer

Like the faithful Disney dogs that we are, any time they dangle a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie over our heads we’re basically ready to do whatever they want, TBPH. But this new trailer seems to confirm a fact we also learned from previous trailers and we’re, like, not super thrilled about it? We’re still pumped for the movie and are def going to see it and probably cry over all the nostalgia and residual love for previous Pirates films — and also cry over the young Jack Sparrow who seems to be making an appearance, because yo (ho ho) — but like…

It looks like Will Turner is still hella dead. We prefer Orlando Bloom alive and swashbuckling, so this is a major disappointment.

The other major disappointment in these trailers and the news about Dead Men Tell No Tales is that Keira Knightley doesn’t seem to be returning to reprise her role of Elizabeth despite rumors to the contrary. Since Elizabeth was obvi the *real* pirate and protagonist of the original movies, this is pretty tragic.

On the up side, Kaya Scodelario is going to be in the new installment, and if you ever watched Skins, you know to be very, very excited for what she brings to the table as an actress. But back to the issue at hand: Will Turner is dead, and we’re very sad.

Luckily, this is Pirates of the Caribbean, and if the young (possibly CGI?) Jack Sparrow is anything to go by, nobody stays dead for long.