Will this be THE look at Coachella this year?

Coachella is fast approaching, and with it comes all the fun, creative beauty looks that most of us aren’t brave enough to try in our everyday lives. One of the best looks we’ve seen so far is this colorful desert-inspired look from PRAVANA and celebrity colorist Danny Moon.


Moon is the man responsible for several Insta-worthy hair trends, including Halsey’s aristic hair looks. He created this Sahara Sunset-inspired hair color on beauty vlogger Brittany Balyn based on the colors of the desert sky at twilight. He blended custom-made shades of blue, purple, pink, magenta, yellow and orange, melting them together on Balyn’s hair in such a way that it looks like Balyn was born with hair that color. Stylist Kait Marie then finished the look with loose waves, messy braids, and a heathy dose of glitter.


You can watch a video below about how this look was created, but please keep in mind that it is designed for professional hair colorists. If you want to try something similar but less permanent for Coachella, you can experiment with hair chalk ($6 at Ulta) or colored hair sprays (you can buy them at Walgreens, prices vary). For glitter, you can use colors that would contrast beautifully against your hair color, like Daniel Moon’s Major Moonshine Hair Glitter.