The northern lights will be visible tonight in certain areas, and here’s where you can see them

Whether you know them best as the Aurora Borealis or the northern lights, you can’t deny that they’re beautiful. Spotted when charged particles and gaseous particles collide, the best place to spot the lights are at the magnetic poles, with locations in North America and Europe being the most accessible. Due to a geomagnetic storm (aka, a solar storm), the northern lights are expected to be highly visible to a few lucky northerners tonight, March 14th.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the phenomenon, the particles create quite a colorful display, with green, blue, and violet hues reaching the skies. There are some photographers who base their entire careers on capturing the natural spectacle.

According to, the current solar storm affecting earth, which is classified as a G1 (aka, a minor event), is expected to hit today, March 14th. It’s supposed to end tomorrow, March 15th. If all goes as predicted, it means that northern states such as Maine and Michigan will be able to get a special view of the lights.

Darkness is crucial when viewing the display, and clouds can also decrease visibility.

You should also be able to see the northern lights in Alaska, Idaho, and Minnesota. Overseas, those who live in Norway and Greenland have a better shot. Since it’s a view that you can’t find just anywhere, many people choose to travel — even on short notice — for the chance to see them.

If you’re one of those travelers, or you just happen to live in one of the viewing states, be sure to send us your pics!