Will Smith is certain there’s a lion living in his backyard

We can never get enough Will Smith in our lives. The funnyman and talented actor has been out lately promoting his latest film, Collateral Beauty, and using his charm to remind all of us why his career has spanned decades.

And when Will Smith told Ellen about an actual lion in his backyard, we laughed and quivered in fear at the same time.

While visiting Ellen, Will showed security camera footage he had captured from his backyard. He adamantly explained that what you were seeing was an actual lion. Ellen argued that it was a mountain lion. But Will refused to be convinced.

TBH, the footage actually looks like a mountain lion (sorry, Will). But every time Ellen tries to reassure him it’s just a mountain lion, he answers with something hilarious. When he says it’s over 200 lbs, she jokingly asks him if he actually lifted it to find that out.

"I just don't think you should make fun of my fear," Will playfully answers.

Their entire interaction was hilarious.

But no matter what kind of beast he caught on his security footage, it’s super scary to think about it roaming in your backyard.

"That's 25 yards from my bed," Will explains, later adding, "I'm asleep right now and I think I'm safe."

He even says it looks like “Mufasa” and the whole audience cracks up.

Will explained to Ellen how he had to call the ranger and use actual lion urine (ewww!) to attempt to keep these beasts away. Ellen finally gives in and says it’s a lion and they both agree it shouldn’t be hanging out near the house. So Will offers a simple (hysterical) solution, saying “Take it to Denzel’s house.”

We’re just glad Will and the rest of his talented family are all safe! And we can’t wait to see him shine in Collateral Beauty when it comes out on December 16th.