Will Smith gives us the ultimate example of turning heartbreak into success

Heartbreak can totally knock you off your feet. It can leave you feeling lost and confused and totally at sea. But there are those people who take their emotional pain and use it to fuel their creative talents (Adele, anyone? Or Sam Smith?). Another celeb who gives a hat tip to heartbreak is Will Smith, saying that if it weren’t for his teenage broken heart, he’d likely be leading a very different life.

Speaking to actor Benicio del Toro in Variety‘s “Actors on Actors,” Will opened up about a girlfriend breaking his heart in a major way back when he was 15, and how that experience changed his life in a very, very unexpected way. “When I was 15, my girlfriend cheated on me,” he said. “And from that moment, in this bizarre psychological twist, I wanted to be the most famous entertainer on Earth.”

We can’t help but wonder how the girl who cheated on Will Smith is feeling now. Pretty awkward, probably. But Will wasn’t trying to be bitter — he was trying to protect himself from future heartbreak. “I believed that your girlfriend couldn’t cheat on you [if you’re a famous entertainer],” he explained, getting us right in the FEELS, as he says it.

Of course that logic is a little faulty and no one is ever protected from possible heartbreak just because of their job or status, but we’re pretty darn sure Will is now, after all, he and Jada are the *cutest.* Check out the clip from “Actors on Actors” below; the full special airs December 27th on PBS SoCal.

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