Will Smith might star in Disney’s live-action “Dumbo” movie, and no, we are not joking

Have you ever seen a Will Smith fly?? The answer is, obviously, no, because that is absurd — but it just might happen and soon. According to some pretty wild rumors around Hollywood right now, Will Smith is in talks to join Disney’s live-action Dumbo movie and oh Timothy Mouse, this is a lot to unpack.

In case you haven’t heard this elephant-sized news before, Disney is in the process of brining Dumbo back to the big screen, via some IRL actors and CGI-movie magic. Not only that, but the one and only Tim Burton is set to direct the movie (and we know he can do wonders brining Disney movies to life, since we all saw the OG live-action Alice in Wonderland). The movie has been in development for quite some time, but now it seems as if it’s full steam ahead on Casey Jr., with Will Smith set to play one of the main roles in the movie.

The 1941 Disney classic, for those who haven’t watched the movie in a while, revolves around a young elephant (named, Dumbo, duh), with big ears. These big ears help him fly and become a circus star, leading the elephant to fame and fortune, you know how it goes.

Let’s just throw it out there, there is a 1,000% chance Will Smith will not be playing the titular Dumbo. Or, Mrs. Jumbo. Even though it would be pretty intriguing to hear The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sing “Baby Mine” (rap “Baby Mine”…?). Currently, it sounds like Will has only just begun initial talks for the movie, but nine times out of ten, talks lead to actually securing a spot in the film.

So, chance of seeing a Will Smith fly right now? HIGH.