Will Poulter went as Sid from “Toy Story” for Halloween, and the resemblance is actually uncanny

What’s better than a truly flawless Halloween costume? A truly flawless Halloween costume that we’ve been wanting to see come to life for SO LONG. Best known, probably, as Gally from Maze Runner — although he’s also been in little films like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Revenant — Will Poulter has been compared to Sid from Toy Story pretty much from the moment he entered the zeitgeist.

This is mostly because Will Poulter is identical to Sid from Toy Story.

Like, if Pixar’s looking to push into live-action remakes, they don’t even have to go on a casting search, because Will Poulter is Sid. HONESTLY.


* On the upside, Sid clearly cleans up pretty nice. That bow tie is dapper AF. *

Will Poulter went all in on his doppelganger this Halloween, and dressed up as Sid from Toy Story.

We’re a little bit jealous that we don’t have a cartoon look-alike, because it’s simultaneously the best and easiest costume of all time. You know, if the costume is, like… your actual face. But not only did Will show up for Halloween, he also showed up for an anti-bullying campaign. Specifically, he shouted out Anti-Bullying Pro in his social media posts.

Will asks that everybody like or follow the Anti-Bullying Pro campaign to help stop kids from becoming or falling victim to a real-life Sid. We love that Will combined a worthy cause with something that def made us laugh out loud — is there anything better!?

Well, maybe this best thing could use the addition of a Buzz Lightyear and Woody look-alike to accompany Poulter out this Halloween.