Just so you know, Will and Kate are totally on Instagram now

Attention Instagram: the Duke and Duchess have arrived. (Toots horn.) Seriously, William and Kate have finally entered Insta-land, under the official @KensingtonRoyal moniker. The account, which we assume is actually overseen by palace officials, is dedicated solely to “the work and activities of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.”

They started posting yesterday, so far have eight images uploaded, and over 96.2K followers. In case you’re wondering, they’re currently only following two other accounts, one for the British Monarchy, and the other for Clarence House (that’s for the The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, aka Charles and Camilla). So far the photos are pretty official, spotlighting royal visits to schools and events. Like this one:

Don’t expect too many selfies, inside jokes and intimate palace shots. Except, maybe, when Harry makes a cameo—which he’s already started doing.

And, it is kinda funny that they’re using the hasthag #royal. But now I need some #BabyGeorge #NoFilter

Images via the KensingtonRoyal Instagram and here.