It’s Will And Kate’s Third Anniversary! Gif Party Time!

Where were you three years ago today when the royal couple made it official? I remember the moment fondly: I was asleep because it was four in the morning. But when I woke up I was ecstatic, clicking through slideshow after slideshow thinking Ooh, that Kate! So gorgeous and refined, such an exemplary blushing bride! And Pippa’s sleek ivory gown! And the hats! The Royals have done a lot in three years. They’ve survived a photo scandal or two. They’ve turned their charming duo into an adorable trio. They stood by as Unkie Harry stood nekkid in front of that random hot tub lady. So many moments in such a busy three years. Let’s throw them a quick gif anniversary party to celebrate and reminisce!

Oh, the whisper. Cuter than anything Kate could have uttered or flubbed was this moment. Brotherly love is the second cutest love (uh, have you seen Dad/Toddler-on-the-swings love?). The whisper from Harry to Wills (presumably about how beautiful Kate looked) and the resulting grin was delightful and honest in every way.

Let’s rewind all the way back, back to the formal engagement announcement. This engagement interview was like a movie trailer of what would be the next three years; the coy looks, the dimples, the head-back belly laughs. Two young kids who just happen to be royalty.

Pregnant Kate? Suited-up William? A wizard’s duel? Yes please! The Duke and Duchess visited the WB studio tour in the UK and stopped for a photo-op, or maybe an actual duel. We’ll never know. Regardless, please appreciate Will’s movie-accurate dueling stance. I know a Harry Potter fan when I see one, and that arm positioning is not the sort of thing you just happen to get right.

Kate and Will sparkled in every way when they stood in front of cameras with little George for the first time. They overcame physical and emotional labor — and a rocky delivery — only days before, and the triumph was visible. That day in July, the tabloids paused their wild assumptions and birthday-betting long enough to enjoy the sight of baby George, bouncing lightly in his mom’s arms as if he was just any other world-famous infant. I’m pretty sure One Direction could have tuned up behind this little family and no one would be the wiser.

Fast forward now to March of 2014. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, the baby’s with the in-laws, the two are out and about and I think it’s totally time for some shots. What, you don’t? Look at these two knock ’em back like pros; William like a man familiar with his whiskey and Kate like a damn Disney princess. Have you ever seen a more graceful gulp of alcohol? The answer is no, of course you haven’t.

So a toast to you, William and Kate, on three marvelous years! You’ve made it longer than so many others, but of course today is not about comparison. It’s about love, the kind that only gets bigger and better with every passing moment. And that life-changing Alexander McQueen gown, because I mean, come on.

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