Will Jennifer Lawrence show up drunk at the Oscars? We kinda hope so

As we all know, Jennifer Lawrence is a bonafide movie star. At this point in her career, she’s got nothing to prove to anyone. Her latest project, Red Sparrow, is shaping up to be an under-the-radar solid hit. Despite her movie stardom and big net worth, she’s still super relatable and not afraid to make fun of herself. She recently laughed about her drunken appearance on a red carpet where she said she was trying too hard to NOT look drunk. Who among us hasn’t been a little tipsy at a big event and tried to hide it? That’s why Jennifer Lawrence is so fun to watch at the big awards ceremonies.

Her history of being entertaining even on her off time is clear. Nobody’s forgotten her legendary fall on her way to make her Oscars acceptance speech in 2013. She recovered from what could’ve been a really upsetting situation and was able to laugh about it instantly. That’s the kind of gumption we aspire to. The ability to poke fun at herself makes her all the more relatable at the box office. Seriously, watch her talking about how Miley Cyrus judged her at a party once. She’s hilarious.

Obviously we’re not rooting for excessive drinking. It’s more that J.Law being her uninhibited self makes her the most fun to watch on a red carpet. Having fun at a big event shouldn’t be an issue.

Really, the Oscars are just a big party celebrating work accomplishments for her. In that situation, we’d want to have a lot of fun (and probably get a little drunk) too!

We hope she’s got a fun night ahead of her, because that’ll make our viewing parties all the more entertaining.