Because we know you’re curious, here’s how “Will & Grace” erases its series finale

After 11 years away, Will & Grace is back on television and they’re picking up right where they left off. Or, to put it more accurately, they’re rewinding a little bit, and then picking up right where they left off.

When the series finale aired back in 2006, reboots and revivals weren’t a ~thing~, which meant that Will & Grace had to wrap up the show in a fitting way. The final episode jumped 20 years into the future, and we learned that Will and Grace hadn’t spoken during this time, but reunite when their adult children get married to one another. Crazy, and weird, but okay, sure!

However, these new episodes of Will & Grace are going to pretend that ending never happened. Really. They’re just going to ignore it, and explain that plot discrepency in a near perfect way: It was all Karen’s dream.

The NBC show picks up with our usual foursome — Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen — playing Heads Up, as adults often do. Will and Grace are nailing their round, and when it comes time for Jack and Karen to have a go at it, Jack can’t snap Karen out of her (probably) alcohol-induced trance.

When she finally comes to, she explains, “I had the craziest dream. In the dream, Will was living with a swarthy man in uniform and Grace was married to a Jew doctor” — because that’s what was going on for them during the finale. Karen continues asking, “What happened to the children that you had that grew up and got married to each other?”

Will explains that never happened, to which Karen quips, “Oh, what a relief. Nobody wants to see you two raise kids.” Ah ha, see what you guys did there. Bye bye, kids. We hardly knew you.

As for the rest of the episode, it revolves around Grace redecorating the Oval Office (really) and deciding that it’s best to keep living with Will…at least for the time being while she finalizes her divorce. Everything else about the series finale appears to have stuck, so we’ll just have to wait and see what Will & Grace undoes next.