Debra Messing explains that “Will & Grace” is coming back because of the presidential election

If you’re just tuning in to the internet for the first time this year, welcome. A lot has happened. But most importantly, it was announced that Will & Grace is being rebooted! That’s right — Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack will be making their way back into our lives for the 2017-2018 season on NBC.

Obviously this is really exciting news, and we can’t freaking wait to see new episodes of one of our ultimate favorite shows. But if you’re wondering why this is happening, Debra Messing stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday and explained.

You might recall the short sketch the cast did for Hillary Clinton before the presidential election.

Well, the sketch did incredibly well, and it set the ball in motion for a reboot — 11 years later — of Will & Grace.

Specifically, Meyers asked if the election had something to do with the reboot.

“Absolutely it did,” Messing said. “Our show would not be coming back at all had we not come together to do that little skit.”

That little skit happened to get millions and millions of views, because people clearly still love Will & Grace.

"It was only by doing that skit that we realized that it was possible," she added. "I mean it's 11 years ago since the show ended. Literally in history it's never happened that a cast has come back together after 11 years on prime-time television. But because that little skit got 7 million views – NBC, they were like, ‘Wait a second.'

Check out the clip:

So we basically have Hillary Clinton to thank for the return of Will & Grace. 

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