Will Gary Oldman be at the SAG Awards?

This year’s award show season is gearing up to be all about female empowerment, as evidenced by the inspiring speeches and strong presence of the Time’s Up movement at the 2018 Golden Globes. It seems that the 2018 SAG Awards won’t be very different: All 13 acting categories will be presented by females and the first-ever host is Kristen Bell. But despite the strong message these decisions send, we can’t ignore that some of the attendees and nominees are problematic. Examples include Gary Oldman and James Franco. Many are wondering if Oldman will be at the SAG Awards this Sunday, since his controversial past seems to be at odds with the #MeToo movement the SAG Awards have acknowledged.

Oldman was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role for his performance as Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour, and as of right now, it seems like he’ll be appearing at the show. There’s no indication that he won’t be there — Oldman already won Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture at the Golden Globes, and most critics agree he’s on track to take home the statue at the SAG Awards this weekend. Many are not pleased with his inevitable appearance.

In case you’re not familiar with the accusations made against Oldman in the past, here’s the deal: In 2001, Oldman’s then-wife Donya Fiorentino claimed that Oldman assaulted her in front of their children with a telephone. The New York Daily News reported that she said Oldman used his hands to squeeze her neck, then hit her in the face with the telephone three or four times. Oldman has passionately denied these allegations multiple times.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only reason Oldman has been called out as of late. He has previously made it seem like the violence of other famous men isn’t really a big deal, which is why so many people called him a hypocrite for wearing a Time’s Up pin at the Globes. In a 2014 interview with Playboy, Oldman went on a rant about how how some men couldn’t get away with politically correct jokes, essentially defending Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin for their own controversial behavior. He even went on an extremely offensive rant about Jewish people. false

Oldman may not have been accused of sexual assault, but many of his interviews and alleged behavior have been full of violence and hatred. In a time when so many powerful men in Hollywood are being called out for their harmful behavior, many viewers say it’s hypocritical for award shows to continue to recognize and celebrate men like Oldman.

Like we said, though, unless anything changes at the last minute, it looks like Oldman will be making an appearance at the SAG Awards. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly.

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