Congratulations Will Forte, this is the straight-up craziest hair thing we’ve ever seen

What do you do when you have a wildly long beard, mustache, and hair situation? Shave half of it off and go to a party, obviously.

On Friday, Will Forte started a new trend (OK, maybe “trend” is a strong word) by attending the FOX All-Star party at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California with half of his head completely shaved. We’re talking like, eyebrows and everything. Half was bald as a newborn baby, the other half wild and crazy a la his Last Man On Earth role. And TBH, it’s pretty captivating to look at.

It’s even weirder when you see it from THIS angle:

Or THIS angle:

Will wasn’t the only one to sport the, erm, interesting style choice, although his certainly stood out the most. His co-star Mel Rodriguez shaved half of his hair as well as his thick mustache, then posed for pictures together, because obviously.

We have a feeling this is a trend that probably won’t catch on, but it’s making us giggle all the same.

(Images via Twitter, Instagram.)

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