Jimmy Fallon tested Will Forte’s beard for bacteria, and OMG

Like ’em or loathe ’em, beards are having a major fashion moment. But while the aesthetic value of a well maintained beard can be debated, really the most important question is whether or not beards are totally and completely germ-laden.

That’s something Will Forte has been worried about, since he’s had to grow out a pretty impressive beard for his role on Last Man on Earth. When news started surfacing that maybe beards were catching more than crumbs, and could actually be full of bacteria and nastiness, Forte started getting nervous. We get it, Will. It’s scary stuff.

Luckily, Jimmy Fallon came to the rescue. On The Tonight Show, he let Forte bring on his support team, Rachel Dratch and Jon Hamm, for a big reveal of what is living in his beard.

Dr Sunny Ray of UCLA took some swabs of the beard in question, and ran tests to see if there’s anything (other than hummus) in Forte’s facial hair. And last night, Will Forte learned the horrifying truth about what exactly lives inside his beard.


(Image via NBC)