We’re cry-laughing over Will Ferrella and Christina Aguilera’s song about tight pants

Sometimes, Jimmy Fallon and his guests come up with hilarious bits and sketches based on upcoming movies or current events. Other times, they do stuff like this. Guests Will Ferrell and Christina Aguilera joined Jimmy on stage to sing a song about tight pants. Specifically, whose pants were the tightest, because why not?

The three singers donned wigs, sweaters, and of course, the tightest pants we’ve ever seen, and danced on stage to an undeniably catchy tune. However, the singing soon devolved into arguing, as they tried to settle the debate of whose pants were the tightest pants in all the land.

While we’d argue that all their pants were particularly tight, Jimmy Fallon was no match for the power couple of Will and Christina, who sang and danced the host off stage.

We’ll never know how this silly idea came about, but we’re happy it did, if only just to see Will Ferrell shaking his booty it all its tight-pants glory.